Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why? A WADV Poem, by Cyndi

Trigger/Content warning: This is a poem written from the perspective of a survivor of intimate partner violence and contains reference to instances of violence. 


I really must know and I just can't see,
Why you'd try so hard to hurt me.
If you'd only put all that effort to good use,
instead you give life to pain and abuse.
How you stand me up, accuse me of stuff,
scold me, curse me and acting like you did,
I dare not think to act like that, God forbid!
You really seem to go out of your way,
to hurts me with deeds and words that you say.
And then you act as if nothing is wrong,
And I allowed all this to go on for too long.
Our love, so I thought, was going somewhere,
And I felt God Himself had made us a pair.
Control took over and what a tail spin,
When you'd cause a fight and you'd always win.
You took my heart, my soul and spirit, then beat them down
Then I learn you screwed most of the chicks in town.
In the mix I lost something that I've yet to find I guess I know why they say love is blind.

(Many thanks to Cyndi and WADV for sharing this poem)

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