Thursday, October 23, 2014

Encased in a Box

(Trigger/Content warning: This post contains references to abuse that readers may find to be triggering.)

I was whole, loving
trusting you.
Seduced by my anxieties
I merged with you
 and lost my identity.
For in your eyes, I
do not exist.

I became the mirror of your image of me
having no self outside you.
Your world became my reason for being—
your happiness was my only concern,
your disappointment, my failure.

I am ornamental,
 yet valueless:
 a mere reflection of
what and who I once was...

Your lover,
Now, your hostage
imprisoned in this framework—

All that is left are splinters,
jagged pieces of glass,
 the fragments of my being

Encased in a box,
 tightly wrapped and sealed
with masking tape of false bravado.
Appearing whole,
yet remaining shattered.


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